Discerning Learning

Classes and Tutoring with Katharine Krueger

Thanks so much for visiting my new website! 

My  name is Katharine Krueger and I love teaching.  I offer classes for children from 2nd grade to 8th grade and for adults. I teach what I am passionate about, and I enjoy sharing that with my students.    

I schedule classes by request, based on what the community wants. 

Currently Scheduled classes are listed here.  To find out what else is available, please browse through the class descriptions, arranged by age group in the menu on the left, or contact me at discerninglearning@gmail.com or (612)760-0956 to let me know what interests you.

Most kid's classes meet for 2 hours weekly for 6 to 12 weeks.  Almost all classes include writing, drawing, stories, movement, creative expression and an organic snack. Plus a game, experiment, or something to build or actively explore.  Adult classes are more variable.  Virtually all classes have a sliding scale fee.

I also tutor, principally math and science

2nd/3rd grade (and mature 1st grade by arrangement)

  • Native American Legends: Skills, Art, Games, Skits
  • Fables: Stories, Art, Painting & Skits
  • Saints & Heroes: Stories, Art, Painting & Skits
  • Animal Life: Stories & Lore
  • Plant Life: Stories and Lore --
  • Math: Fun with the Four Processes (+, -, x, /)
  • Math Fun II

 3rd/4th grade

  • Imaginative Geometry (freehand & watercolor)
  • Story of Textiles with Weaving & Natural Dying
  • Shelter: Story & Craft
  • Farming: Story & Craft
  • Old Testament (with 12 watercolors of the Creation and more)
  • Math: Measurement
  • Math Fun III

4th/5th/6th 7th  grade

  • Geometric Art (freehand & compass/ruler)
  • Botany -- Need a little more interest to schedule.  Contact if me if interested!
  • Zoology
  • Norse Mythology: Story, Art & Drama
  • The Vikings: Story, Skills & Drama
  • Astronomy: Exploration & Experiments (Fridays noon to 2:00pm, starts 10/1)
  • The Zodiac: Myths, Astrology, Drama (Fridays 2:00pm to 4:00pm, starts 10/1)
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Math: Multi-digit Operations
  • Math: Fractions
  • Math: Percents & Decimals
  • Math: Probability